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You never forget your first visit to Cambridge. The essence of the city is no better summed up than in the words of the beloved, late Cantabrigian Julia Child: "Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."

This is a place where no one blinks if you're having the time of your life while changing the world. Where else can you rub tweedy elbows with status-quo-challenging scholars, drop into a hypnotic African drumming dance class, or scoot into a bar for the best bacon-topped burger of your life? (Seriously, you'll dine well here in the land of cult-worthy restaurants.) No matter which neighborhood you find yourself in, Cambridge's scene teems with eclectic energy. When you have nearly four centuries' worth of compounded history and the gorgeous Charles River to wake up to, everyday, each moment in the city is worthy of joy—curious, infectious, slightly mischievous joy.

We're just around the bend from Boston, in close walking or subway-ing distance. See what thousands of Cantabrigians call home sweet home. After all, Cambridge is a place where all are welcome to pledge geekdom to anything (and everything). Bauhaus architecture, antique bikes, craft cocktails, sriracha pickles, glass-blowing, international law, post-rock cover bands—knock yourself out, whatever it is.

Here, there's plenty of great minds, but more importantly, good times. Our forefathers would be most proud, don't you think?

Frequenty asked questions

What are the “Squares” everyone talks about in Cambridge?

In the European tradition, the “Squares” of Cambridge are charming neighborhoods rich in fine dining, eclectic shopping, theaters, museums and historical sites.  Each square is a vibrant, colorful destination with a personality all its own, offering a unique selection of everything from restaurants, shopping and music to technology and innovation.

Where is Harvard Square?

If you can see Harvard University, the Harvard Coop, and the Harvard “T” station, you’re standing in it! World famous for its extensive collection of cool boutiques, sidewalk cafes, snappy jazz and palpable energy, Harvard Square is festive until the wee hours any night of the week.

Where is the public restroom in Harvard Square?

There is a public toilet located in MacArthur Park near Church Street. The facility is a stand-alone gray kiosk located on the sidewalk. 

What about the other Squares?

To learn more about the unique neighborhood personalities around each corner of Cambridge, check out the brief descriptions of the other neighborhoods in our Visit section under Neighborhoods.

What is there to do in Cambridge?

It’s not only wrong to try to contain Cambridge to just a list of “things to do”—it’s impossible! The real allure lies in discovering the city’s character—artsy, diverse and undeniably intellectual. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Cambridge.

Is it hard to park?

There are many public parking lots and garages in and around Cambridge There are also one- and two-hour metered street parking spaces throughout the city, but all non-metered parking spots on Cambridge city streets are for resident parking only and require a permit.

How can I get there without a car?

The best way to see Cambridge is to utilize the public transit system. The Red Line subway serves as the quick (5 minutes!) and easy link between Boston and Cambridge with stops in Kendall Square, Central Square, Harvard Square, Porter Square and more.

Is Cambridge a safe place to visit?

Considered one of the safest cities in the country, Cambridge’s culture is founded on the ideals of inclusiveness and diversity. It is a welcoming, vibrant, active community teeming with students, visitors and residents of every ethnicity, age group and gender preference—all in just over six square miles.

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