Say Hello to Our New Look

We had a little work done!

And we’re not the least bit shy about telling everyone! We always want to look our very best for you, and let’s face it…we were looking a wee bit tired. So we had a few things tweaked—little logo lift here, little website overhaul there. VOILA!!

It’s no secret that things have changed a bit since we last rolled out a new branding project and website. So we’ve embraced the new technology and social media with open arms and hope that you’ll LOVE the changes!

New Logo

We think the ladies at JSGD [aka Jessica Sutton Graphic Design] nailed it with a logo for our office that says it all—versatile, fun and oh-so-quirky, yet with just a hint of sophistication. 

New Website

Anyone who has ever been through a website design process can feel our pain…but it was SO worth it! OAT Design powered through every bump in the road and delivered a fresh, user-friendly, and aesthetically STUNNING website that we are busting with pride over! The new site incorporates Instagram photos on the home page as well as in the neighborhood galleries, so anyone can be a photographer and show us your Cambridge.

Shops, restaurants, museums take note: our new site offers a free listing for your business -- if you don't see yours shoot us an email or fill out this form. We want everything and everyone Cambridge on here! We are also offering free event listings for that great yoga class, cooking party or swanky museum opening (submit here!). 

New Social Media Campaign

Our #picturecambridge campaign has been an outrageous success, thanks to the eyes of Cambridge -- our submitters have make our homepage as unique as Cambridge itself. Tag your photos #picturecambridge and tell your friends! Maybe you'll see your masterpiece on our website. 

We teamed up with Hans Johnson Studios and posted a fantastic new promotional video on youtube, vimeo and on our site. Check it out and start hashtagging! Our actors are sporting Cambridge’s finest clothing from local merchants, and the music you hear is provided by a local (Somerville) band that regularly plays in Cambridge. Roll credits!

We are also upping our game in the social media sandbox: we're talking facebook, twitter, instagram -- make sure you like, follow, and tag us. We LOVE making new friends, so show us some love. 

New Ad Campaign

Now that we look so spiffy, we enlisted Visual Dialogue to help us announce our new look! The ads also use Instagram photos that feature wonderful scenes throughout Cambridge and the tagline “Cambridge is for Squares”.

So. That’s what we did on OUR summer vacation. Let us know what YOU love about Cambridge…and don’t forget to follow all the newest information about tourism and the exciting things that happen in Cambridge every…single….day.


Photos by: Michael D. Spencer

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