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Mount Auburn Cemetery
Mount Auburn Cemetery


Read on for ways to have a greener visit when you come to Cambridge.

Tue Mar 14, 2017

Here in Cambridge, we take ‘going green’ seriously. Not only do Cantabridgians embrace green initiatives, we proudly lead the way for a green future. If you have read our weekend guides, you’ll know there is never a dull moment in Cambridge, and that includes eco-friendly options! From bike sharing, restaurants that serve locally sourced ingredients, parks with lush green space and much more, we truly have it all. Read on for ways to have a greener visit when you come to Cambridge:

Stay Green

Staying in Cambridge is a real treat – with over 25 hotels and B&Bsto choose from within 7 square miles, there is something to suit every traveler’s need. You’ll find yourself surrounded by locally owned restaurants and stores, as well as conveniences that are only steps beyond your hotel room.

In an effort to go green during your stay here, be mindful of the small details – such as reusing your towels, shutting the lights off, and keeping a reusable water bottle and bag when you leave to explore the city’s green offerings. We also encourage visitors to ditch their car and opt for walking, biking, or using public transportation -- after all, Cambridge was named one of the most walkable and bike friendly cities in the country! Not only will you be traveling through the city like a local would, but you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that you’re also giving the environment a rest.

As an added bonus, many of our hotels are actually green certified, meaning they were endorsed by one of the following programs: LEED, Green Key, Green Restaurant Association, Energy Star or Green Seal.

Green Exhibits

It’s no surprise that Cambridge is a hive of technology, innovation, and learning. To add a healthy dose of wisdom to your vacation plans, head over to the Museum of Sciencefor an interesting and interactive exhibit about conserving energy.

Conserve @ Homeis a permanent exhibit that allows you and your little ones to explore the importance of, well, conserving energy at home. Discover what household appliances are sucking up the most energy, and learn exactly what your home’s meter is telling you. Did you know that your microwave oven uses less energy than the clock on it does? Or that appliances use energy even when they are not in use? You can also discover what changes you and your family can make to save money, and the environment. We promise you’ll leave feeling greener and inspired.

Eat Green

Forget what you think you know about “green” food. Long gone are the days of boring salads and powdery drinks. Say hello to two very green conscious restaurants, Clover Food Lab and Life Alive.

At Clover Food Lab, their food philosophy is simple...because their food is just that: simple. That means their food is never frozen, is free of any preservatives or artificial flavors, and always tastes like it was just picked, because that’s most likely it was. To stay true to their philosophy, Clover’s menu is ever changing to ensure that you are only eating produce that’s in season. Everything you eat here will not only taste good, but will be good for your body as well.

Life Aliveis just as vibrant as it sounds! Located in the eclectic Central Square, Life Alive’s mission is to provide sustainable food in every aspect- nourishing your soul, your body, your community and your planet. Even after you’ve finished eating your green goddess bowl (a signature dish that you must try!), Life Alive is still working to create a better planet. They use biodegradable and chemical free materials for both cleaning and packaging, and encourage recycling after your deliciously healthy meal.

Biking Green

Here in Cambridge, we proudly embrace a bike-friendly lifestyle, so much so that Cambridge was named the most bikable city in the country. Cambridge boasts a bike scoreof 92.8 thanks to protected bike lanes and an abundance of bike rental stations like Hubway.

If you’re planning a trip to our fair city, consider touring Cambridge from a bike. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for the soul! Take an unforgettable ride along the Charles River, where you’ll see dazzling views of the Boston skyline, as well as sailboats and rowers. Hubway bike stations are conveniently located throughout the city, making traveling by bike a breeze.

Green Parks

Craving a little bit of green space during your visit? Escape the hustle and bustle of our city squares and head over to one of our many parks. With parks scattered all around Cambridge, they’re easy to access no matter where your home base may be. Whether you are searching for a quiet oasis, a park with history, a great spot to host a picnic or a space to play, Cambridge parks have something for everyone.

The Cambridge Center Roof Garden is a hidden treasure tucked away above the busy streets of Kendall Square and offers a plush green oasis and a spectacular view of Cambridge. Just up the road in Harvard Square visitors will find the red brick buildings of Harvard University and one of our most historical parks, the Cambridge Common. During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington assembled his troops, under a tree that is still there to this day, along with three abandoned cannons. If you’re searching for more, plan a visit to the Mount Auburn Cemetery, America's first "garden cemetery" for a tour of the grounds which is filled with flowers, grand trees and plenty of quiet spots to reflect. Mount Auburn was influential in inspiring America's public parks.

After visiting one (or all!) of our green spaces, you’ll quickly see why we’re so passionate to protect our environment and our city.

Do Green

Cambridge just got a little bit greener! When you visit Cambridge, you will not see a single plastic bag in any of the city’s businesses, making BYOB the new norm – Bring Your Own Bagthat is. Not only will this change play a huge part in protecting the marine environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it also makes Cambridge the largest city on East Coast to embrace going plastic free. The new ban on plastic bags will go into effect on March 31, 2016.

More Green

Looking for MORE ideas for going green in Cambridge? Luckily, we have a special Go Green section of our website. You can stay up to date with Cambridge’s eco initiatives, as well as explore more sustainably minded resources to make your next trip as eco-friendly as possible!