Everything You Need to Know About the Cambridge Science Festival

Be Curious! With 150+ events over 10 days, the 11th anniversary of the Cambridge Science Festival has something for everyone! Plenty of free family fun, and workshops and events for the 21+ crowd, too.


Are you ready for 10 days of action-packed fun? From Friday, April 14th to Sunday, April 23rd the Cambridge Science Festival will be hosting a slew of activities centered around science. Featuring over 150 events including Science Art Conception, Paradise, Sidewalk Astronomy and more, this family festival isn’t short on hands-on activities.

Each day there will be plenty of events catered toward both children and adults. If you’ve ever wondered about other intelligent life in our galaxy or how journalists handle climate change, you’ll soon find the answers. For those who love a challenge, come engage in the award-winning puzzle game Zoombinis. Not only are there plenty of STEAM events but MIT will even be hosting the ClubChem Magic Show.


Whether you’re six, sixteen or sixty, this is an event for all-ages. However, if you’re seeking a nice cold pint, there are some events designed specifically for adults. The Cambridge Science Festival isn’t short on beer & cocktails as there will be an Astronomy on Tap Night, Science Pint Night and Science of Cocktails: Hacks for the Home Bartender Night, along with several others.

While you may hate being lectured, your opinion might change when you attend panels and talks such as Are We Alone?, Hacking Harvard Open Data and Numbers in the News.

Of course, we have to shout out to all the wonderful collaborators who will be bringing excitement to the festival. The collaborators include The MIT Museum, Harvard University, the City of Cambridge, Cambridge Public Schools, Cambridge Public Library and the Museum of Science.


Get ready to put on your walking shoes as the Cambridge Science Festival takes place in various locations. You can find a slew of activities on Mass Ave in Cambridge such as  The Creative Kinetic Sculptures in the Idea Hub, located at 265 Massachusetts Ave. Families can enjoy the Building Olympics workshop, also located at 265 Massachusetts Ave. Here you can create tall towers, catapults and learn about engineering.

Stop on by the STEAM Room at 2067 Massachusetts Ave. for an English/Spanish story time or 77 Massachusetts Ave. at the MIT Nano Observatory and explore the Nanoworld.


Join the Cambridge Science Festival on April 14th until the 23rd! That’s 10 days packed with 150 events!


Because there are 150 events (Woo!), deciding on the perfect event to attend can feel a little overwhelming.  That’s where we come in. Here’s some of our Cambridge Science Festival picks.

Opening Night: Are We Alone?

On opening night from 7:30-9:30PM, learn about life outside this universe. If you’ve ever been curious about making contact with other beings, this lecture is for you. Due to new discoveries of earth-like planets and other scientific findings, we can now thoroughly investigate if we really are alone.

Kids: Creative Kinetic Sculptures in the Idea Hub

On April 16,th from 12:00-4:00PM, the Creative Kinetic Sculptures in the Idea Hub encourages participants to create wonderful works of art that are engineered to move with gears, cams, linkages and pulleys.

Family Fun: Science Carnival and Robot Zoo

The Science Carnival & Robot Zoo will take place on April 15th from 12:00-4PM. This family-friendly expo offers over 100 ways to explore, build and learn. At this event ou can play catch with a robot, launch rockets and even hold a brain in your hand.

Teens: Make & Mix Music with Mmmmaven

Stop into the studio to create your own music and talk with instructors as they guide you through the basics of Ableton Live 9 software.

Adults: Beers, Cocktails & Pints Nights

The 21 + crowd can enjoy pint nights, science comedy and circuit hacking while sippng on a beer, fruity cocktail or delicious pint.


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