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Guest Blogger By Gabriella Shares Her Favorite Bike Friendly Spots!

Wed Sept 14, 2016

Hi, y’all! I’m Gabi and I’m the founder of By Gabriella, a life(style) blog where I create and share 48-hour city guides, weekly cocktails, entertaining tips, and more. Over the next few months, I’ll be partnering with my friends here at the Cambridge Office for Tourism to share fun bike-friendly guides for exploring Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ready to explore more of Cambridge by bike? If you missed the first installment of our biking guide collaboration, see it here! Today we’re exploring Central Square and I am all about the food there. Central is a super funky section of town, and all of the spots included in the guide are just a few minutes apart by bike (if that!). Because we’re sticking to the main strip (Mass Ave.) here, I highly suggest biking down a few side roads if you’ve got the time. They’re much clearer to bike on (barely any cars!) and they give you the opportunity to see some of the old beautiful homes that are scattered throughout Central Square. Enjoy!

Where to eat and drink:

Flour Bakery: Hungry for a quick snack? Stop by Flour Bakery! It’s one of my favorites in Cambridge and rightfully so. My favorite is the seasonal smoked turkey sandwich - the ingredients are switched up every season (as you may have guessed by the name) and every season it’s magically even better than the last. Make sure you grab one of their homemade raspberry seltzers while you’re there!

Naco Taco: While the Northeast isn’t necessarily known for Mexican food, Naco Taco knows what’s up. Their tacos are fantastic and the grilled corn is divine. And of course, treat yourself to a margarita while you’re there. I always go with the picante – I like to think everything’s better with a little kick.

Clover: Clover’s Central Square outpost is the cutest little spot. With a focus on simplicity, great taste, and serving guests in an average of about 3.5 minutes, Clover’s an A+ choice when biking around Central Square.

Veggie Galaxy: Looking for vegetarian/vegan options? Give Veggie Galaxy a try! It looks exactly like what it sounds like – a futuristic diner of sorts. It’s certainly a vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurant, but don’t be scared off if you’re a total carnivore like me. They’ve got options you’re sure to enjoy!

Cafe Luna: I visited Cafe Luna for the first time years ago and I still remember it perfectly. If that doesn’t say something, I’m not sure what does. Their brunch is out of this world. Definitely a local gem!

What to see and do:

The Middle East: If you’re visiting Central Square, catch a show at The Middle East! It’s a smaller venue than many others in the Boston/Cambridge area and I love it. The Middle East is host to so many fantastic shows, at an actually affordable cost. Check out their calendar to see what’s coming up!

Central Square Florist: Fun fact, Central Square Florist gives away roses every day. And all you have to do is check to see if it’s your turn! They write the name of the day on the chalkboard outside their shop and if it happens to be your lucky day, you can swing by and get a free rose!

ImprovBoston: Looking for some laughs? ImprovBoston is a fun way to spend an evening. Lock your bike up (always double check to make sure it’s locked properly – through the front tire and frame) and enjoy a show full of laughs and totally improved on-stage skits. And if you want to give it a go, enroll in a course!

My bike safety tips:

Always, always wear your helmet. Is a good hair day worth it? Accidents happen and it's not always someone's fault, but you're extremely vulnerable on your bike in comparison to drivers in cars.

Cambridge is full of roads that have a bike lane. Do your best to bike down those streets, and if you're biking near parked cars, be alert. Drivers exiting their vehicles don't always think to look for cyclists and might open their door as you're biking by. I always suggest biking closer to the moving cars than the parked cars! Sounds backward, but you definitely don't want to bike into a car door. Alert drivers will see you better than those in parked cars.

Bike with lights! The bike shops in Cambridge are sure to have some and they are worth it. If you think you're going to be out past dark, grab your lights. It's extremely hard to see cyclists in the dark without them - it's always better to err on the side of safety.

Obey traffic laws. Even though you're not in a car, your bike is still a vehicle. Bike with the traffic pattern and stop for lights, stop signs, etc.

For more safety tips and biking rules, click here!

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*All photos courtesy of Gabi Valladares