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Written by: guest blogger, Amy Marquis, who is the Communications Manager at History Cambridge
Written by: guest blogger, Amy Marquis, who is the Communications Manager at History Cambridge


Hear heartfelt thoughts on the city at this event hosted by History Cambridge.

Fri July 30, 2021

Have you ever written or received a love letter? How did it make you feel? What would you say to the people, places and institutions of Cambridge if you were to write them a love letter? Those questions are at the heart of History Cambridge’s next show (date TBD): Cambridge Love Letters. Come experience the joy, the angst and the hilarity—get your tissues ready too for this emotional evening at Starlight Square. 

The performance will feature letters past and present, drawn from the attics, basements and long-kept diaries of Cambridge-lovers just like you. History Cambridge will be joined by members of Improv Boston, who will help bring the selections to life. You can be a part of the show by submitting your own Cambridge love letter to be shared on the stage. Of course, you can also reserve free tickets to see the performance in person.

The first Cambridge Love Letters event took place on June 16 and featured classic love letters, an ode to the purple houses of Cambridge plus a sweet sentiment about Cambridge Rindge and Latin basketball. There was even a collection of meaningful messages from the third graders of the Amigos School. 

“The idea of sharing love letters to Cambridge really spoke to us,” said History Cambridge Executive Director Marieke Van Damme. “Cambridge is a special place, and we wanted to celebrate that.”

A highlight of the most recent show was a love letter written by the audience, with the help of performers from Improv Boston. It showcased the humor and love of the haunts of our city. One excerpt reveals a new, quirky pet name for Cambridge:

“Cambridge, on this beautiful day, as I write you this letter from Dana Park, I'm still feeling so happy. I just think, ‘How much better can it get than life here in Cambridge?’ And I have a nickname for you now. Cambridge. You're my Purple House.”

This note is just one example of the love here in Cambridge that lives in us all. What will your Cambridge love letter say?

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About History Cambridge: 

History Cambridge started in 1905 as the Cambridge Historical Society. Today they have a new name, a new look and a whole new mission.

History Cambridge engages with the city to explore how the past influences the present in order to shape a better future. They strive to be the most relevant, responsive historical voice in Cambridge by recognizing that every person in the city has insight into Cambridge's history, and their knowledge matters. They support people in sharing history with each other—and weaving their knowledge together—by offering them the floor, the mic and the platform. They shed light where historical perspectives are needed. They listen to the community and live by the ideal that history belongs to everyone. 

Their theme for 2021 is “How Does Cambridge Mend?” Make history at