Cambridge Gets Together: The Artists You Need to Know

Co-founder, David Day, shares his picks for who to see at this year's music festival. Get ready to give your friends major FOMO

Together returns to Boston and Cambridge this weekend, so get ready for a week packed with some of the most creative musical artists in the country. If you love music, then Together Festival is the event you’ve undoubtedly been waiting for all year long.  This multifaceted music festival was originally founded in Cambridge eight years ago in the city’s Cultural District, Central Square. Since then, it has grown into an annual citywide event reaching across Cambridge and Boston.

So what exactly is Together? A whirlwind week-long celebration Together brings music fans from all over the region together (hence ‘Together’!) for an impressive seven days of music and art. It is a celebration of music, art and technology throughout Cambridge, MA and beyond. Over the course of the week, festival-goers will not only enjoy live shows, but will have the opportunity to meet the musicians themselves as they host demonstrations, discussions, and art installations throughout multiple venues in Cambridge, including the iconic Middle East, The Sinclair, Phoenix's Landing, and MMMMAVEN.

There are so many Together events, it’s nearly impossible to decide which to add to your calendar. That’s where David Day comes in -- a.k.a Co-founder, Creative Director and mastermind behind this innovative music festival.  To make sure we could share the latest and greatest artists, performances, and workshops offered this year, we asked David to give us all the inside scoop. And that’s exactly what he did:

Are there any events that you’re really excited about this year?

Well, this is a bit of a trick question, heh. What we've done this year is tilted a lot more towards production value. So, our three "main stages," will blow you away with state-of-the-art installations. May 14-21st you'll see the Middlesex Lounge and the Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs in entirely new ways and filled with ideas from Boston's most creative technologists. (And of course, world-class sound!)

Photo courtesy of Gabi Valladares

Does Together have a kick-off event?

Our official opening party features two incredible sound selectors. To most people who know techno, Detroit's Magda needs no introduction, but Solar from San Francisco is a true underground legend of the Bay Area. What he pulls from his massive musical library will defy any genre.

Photo courtesy of @TogetherBoston

Are there any artists you would like to shout-out?

When it comes to global sounds at the cutting edge, Avalon Emerson's productions have the ears of many. She plays Tuesday at the Middlesex Lounge.

At the same time, Octo Octa keeps releasing music, and every time she releases music, people go gaga. She lands at the Phoenix Landing on Wednesday night, where #CambMA legends Soul Clap called home.

Speaking of the hometown homies, they are coming back too (!!) and they're bringing Dâm-Funk a Los Angeles-based funk icon who's recently recorded with Snoop Dogg. The Soul Clap Live experience will crush The Sinclair on Thursday during #tgthr8!

Finally, I can't not mention Kerri Chandler, because as far as jubilant, jazzy (practically religious!) house music, there's nothing bigger (sort of literally) than Kerri Chandler. If you want to escape from the world for a few hours, Kerri Chandler is your soundtrack. He's at Middle East Downstairs on Friday, May 19th.

If you can't make it, follow Together on social media and get the FOMO =)

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For a full lineup, plus to get your tickets and passes to Together, visit their website:


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