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Friendly service and flavorful food make for a winning matchup at All Star Sandwich Bar and All Star Pizza Bar.

Wed June 30, 2021

In terms of flavor, it’s a whole new ballgame at Inman Square’s All Star restaurants. Since 2008, All Star Sandwich Bar has crafted unique sandwiches to fill their expansive menu, otherwise known as “The Sandwich Hall of Fame.” In 2012 All Star Pizza Bar opened across the street, offering pizzas inspired by their sister restaurant’s sandwiches. Learn more about the restaurants from four of All Star’s crew members. Meet General Manager Jonathan (six years), Kitchen Manager and Chef Sal (12 years) along with cashiers and servers Jarly (two years) and Jon (two years).

Q: Describe All Star in a few words. 

Jonathan: A little bit of attitude, a little bit of carefree and a whole lot of flavor.

Jarly: An unbelievable experience. 

Jon: Quaint, fun and filling.

Sal: My second home! 

Q: What do you think makes All Star unique?

Jonathan: We use a lot of fresh ingredients. We make all the sauces in house.

Jarly: The staff is unique. … I believe that besides the food, that’s what people love from coming here. We are ourselves with the customers.

Q: What are your personal favorite menu items?

Jonathan: My favorite has to be the Mr. Miyagi sandwich because it’s gone in seconds. I can never put it down. 

Jarly: It’s between The Wilson sandwich and the Island Jerk Chicken Melt for me.

Jon: The Mr. Butternut pizza is really good. The Ms. Piggy’s Fig too.

Sal: Pretty much everything. I love every single thing [on both menus].

Q: What’s something new customers might not know about All Star?

Jonathan: Don’t be too intimidated by the menu... The more you read, the harder it gets.

Jarly: The only thing that new customers don’t know is how flavorful the food is… I love to see their reactions when they try anything I recommend because it’s always something epic.

Q: What would you recommend to a first-time customer?

Jonathan: I would try the Ms. Piggy’s Fig. …. I mean that thing is just amazing, [especially] for a pizza.

Jarly: And of course, I would also recommend a side of the onion rings. 

Jon: Probably the Mr. Butternut!

Sal: For pizza, I would definitely recommend either the Ms. Piggy’s Fig or The Red Head.

Q: What’s the best part of working at All Star?

Jonathan: The overall challenge of working at a fast paced, high volume restaurant.

Jarly: As long as you get your job done and you respect everyone, you can be yourself 100 percent. That’s amazing. 

Jon: It’s pretty fun. It’s laid-back. We see a lot of the same customers everyday.

Sal: We’re here as a family. We all work together. 

Q: Has All Star ever donated to the community?

Jonathan: During the pandemic, we’ve donated food several times to local healthcare workers. 

Q: What dining options are available? 

Jonathan: We do delivery, dine-in and takeout. We’re really trying to make that big push for dine-in to get people back in the seats, popping cans of beer and having a great time– the way it used to be.

...With an enthusiastic team and a creative menu, you’ll have a ball dining at All Star’s pair of Inman Square restaurants. Tell us your favorite za and about your journey through the Sandwich Hall of Fame!