13 Reasons We’re Thankful for Cambridge

From serious to silly, we’ve gathered together 13 reasons why we are thankful for Cambridge:

1. World-class Museums

Did you know that Cambridge boasts seven world-class museums? Seriously! Art, natural history, futuristic wonders, dinosaurs, scientific oddities, historical landmarks and tales, mind-bending holograms, kid-friendly curiosities, guest exhibits and everything in between – we’ve pretty much got it all.

2. Great Schools

In case you haven’t heard, Cambridge houses two of the most prestigious universities in the world (Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). We’ve got a lot of great minds here in Cambridge, and we feel lucky (and proud) to be dubbed one of the brightest cities in the country by Forbes Magazine.

3. A City of Squares

Our neighborhoods are called squares – but in a European-Charm kind of way. Each has its own a distinctive personality, vibe, and culture, all rich in fine dining, eclectic shopping, theaters, museums and historical sites. Meet them here.

4. Cambridge Looks Great on the Silver Screen

Without Cambridge to lend as a backdrop and inspiration, a good number of iconic movies (and movie stars) may have never been made. Can you imagine world-class movies such as Good Will Hunting, Girl Interrupted, The Social Network, and The Towne without Cambridge as the STAR?? Or the dynamic duo that is Ben and Matt? Us either.

But Cambridge looks pretty great on the smaller screen as well. Our city’s personality truly shines in our new 60 Second Video. See it for yourself…

5. Technology, Innovation and Firsts

There are some majorly cool innovations going on here, not to mention the countless number of big name companies and brands that were born here. We couldn’t imagine life without some of them...

Pardon our name-dropping but we think it’s pretty cool that Facebook, Fig Newtons, Email, Zipcar, the INTERNET, the disposable razor, artificial skin, Guitar Hero, radar, long distance telephone, the sewing machine, spreadsheets, the instant camera, nuclear magnetic resonance…all started right here.

6. Bike Friendly

Who needs a car? Not us! It’s a pretty awesome feat to be known as one of the most bike friendly and walkable cities around. Cambridge feels big to us, but it’s actually only six-square miles. With the installation of bike lanes, bike racks, and bike-sharatives that are open all year long (thanks Hubway!), there is no need to be stuck in a car here. More than 7% of Cantabrigians bike to work, with rumors that we could very well master bike safety in the next few years.

7. Leader in Going Green

We take being green very seriously in this city – and wouldn’t do it any other way! From our green savvy restaurants (see #9) and hotels, to bike sharatives (hello #6) and recycling initiatives, we couldn’t be more thankful to help Mother Earth stay happy and healthy.

8. The Harvard Square Turkey

The Harvard Square Turkey: a mysterious fellow, yet considered a true Cantabrigian by all. This little guy can be found peering into bookstores, or simply waiting to cross the street with everyone else. No matter where he is found, he’ll be ready for a photo op.

9. Amazing Restaurants

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention the fabulous food here. We are proud to say that some of the best restaurants in Boston, and in the country are located in Cambridge: home to culinary greats from Julia Child to Joyce Chen, to James Beard winners such as Jody Adams, Tony Maws, Brian Mercury and more.

You can tantalize your taste buds with every cuisine imaginable, many of which have a deep focus on sustainable, local ingredients. Safe to say, it’s a foodie’s paradise over here! No matter which square you find yourself in, you’re bound to stumble upon an amazing eatery.

10. Festivals

We just finished celebrating the 50th year of The Charles Regatta (aka the largest rowing competition in the WORLD), and are gearing up for some of our favorite holiday festivals in the next few weeks, such as December’s Sparklefest in Harvard Square.

However Cambridge’s festivals don’t stop after the holidays: we’ll take any excuse to celebrate our distinct culture with residents and visitors alike. From Mayfair, to the (very tasty) Taste of Cambridge, to the friendly competition found at the East Cambridge Rib Fest, we are thankful for the hard work that goes into pulling these festivals off so seamlessly year after year.

Of course there are so many more festivals that are worth mentioning, and you can find those over on our events page.

11. The Music

Cambridge notoriously beats to its own drum, and that remains true to the music scene here. We aren’t kidding you when we say you can catch a show any day of the week, any time of the year. Whether hip-hop is your jam, or you like something more classical, our endless collection of venues, and musical events will keep you moving and grooving.

12. We're Full of History

Although many people ponder if you can truly Pahk Ya Cah in Hahvahd Yahd, Cambridge’s history is far richer than that. Beyond the historical tales from the universities, we are grateful for the historically significant characters that made Cambridge’s history so interesting, the structures they built and the stories they tell: from the Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters to beautiful churches, and Robert Frost’s famous home.

13. You!

We couldn’t possibly let this list go without thanking YOU! For everyone who lives here, works here, visits and tells their friends to visit, learns here, plays here, for everyone who follows us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and for our ever-creative #PictureCambridge submitters – thank you for making Cambridge so unique and frankly so fun to support!!



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