Weekly Storytime

Join The Curious George Store on Fridays 10:30-11a for their weekly storytime.


Haida Effigy Pipe. Carved wood and ivory, with hinged arms. Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada. Ca. 1840. Photo courtesy of the Peabody Museum

All the World Is Here: Harvard’s Peabody Museum and the Invention of American Anthropology

Harvard Square
To mark the 150th anniversary of its founding, the Peabody Museum is featuring a major...

Of Course! 2019 fundraiser

Harvard Square
The Cambridge Center for Adult Education's (CCAE) fundraiser, OF COURSE!, takes...

36th Annual Harvard Square Mayfair

Harvard Square
The annual Mayfair in Harvard Square takes place on May 5, and features music, dancing,...


Date & Time

  • Fri, March 1, 2019
    Fri, May 31, 2019

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  • Kids / Families
  • Literary Event