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Nature As Artist: A Tour of the Harvard Museum of Natural History

"Nature As Artist": A Tour of the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Nature has long inspired humans to imagine and create art. Dancers, designers, musicians, painters and sculptors are all found in the natural world. Embark on this journey through the exhibit galleries of the Harvard Museum of Natural History with "Nature as Artist," a free, virtual tour. Uncover intriguing, plus often surprising, sources of creativity along with the connection between the realms of nature and art.

Learn about crystallized color by looking at an elbaite tourmaline specimen from the mineral gallery. Marvel at a Blaschka glass model of an apricot branch in the Glass Flowers gallery in addition to Blaschka-made glass sea anemones in the Sea Creatures gallery. Visit the honeybees in the anthropods exhibit to discover how they achieve mastery in the architecture of their hives. Get to know a Triceratops fossil, African pangolin and Indian Peafowl. Explore the coordinated movement of schooling fish. Sing with the whales in the Great Mammal Hall plus recreate Peter and the Wolf in the New England Forests Exhibit.

To navigate through the tour, use the icons at the bottom left of the screen to pause, read the descriptions and explore the galleries. To move to the next tour stop, simply click the play icon at the bottom left of the screen. To begin the tour, click the play icon.


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Date & Time

  • Thu Mar 4, 2021-Sat Jan 1, 2022