Gridiron Glory

Experience the most extensive and comprehensive exhibition ever created on America's most popular sport at the Museum of Science in East Cambridge! View more than 200 artifacts, award-winning photographs, and one-of-a-kind documents from the Pro Football Hall of Fame's vast collection. Watch spectacular footage from the unparalleled film and TV archives of NFL Films. Learn the science behind the game and get to know the inspirational stories of its pioneers, coaches, and great players, including those who broke social barriers — demonstrating how the sport is a microcosm for changing attitudes about equality and opportunity.

Throughout the exhibition, you can interact with components that challenge both mind and body and demonstrate the change in protective equipment, uniforms, and communication devices over the years.

Plus, delve into the illustrious history and accomplishments of our own local pro team, the New England (formerly Boston) Patriots, who have played a major role in the sport dating back to the days of playing at Fenway Park, Harvard Stadium, Boston College, and finally, Foxboro.

Through it all, you'll enjoy a panoramic view of the story of professional football — from its humble beginnings in the late 19th century to the cultural phenomenon it is today.

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