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Gallery Talk: "Dare to Know: Prints and Drawings in the Age of Enlightenment"

On Sunday, Nov. 20, join Sarah Mallory, Ph.D. candidate in Harvard’s Department of History of Art and Architecture, for an in-depth discussion about the emergence of the modern notion of ecology in the 18th century as it was articulated in selected works in the special exhibition "Dare to Know: Prints and Drawings in the Age of Enlightenment."

Gallery talks are limited to 18 people, and reservations are required. At 10 a.m. the day of the event, reservations will open and may be arranged online through this form. The gallery talk reservation will also serve as a general museum reservation. If required, visitors will pay the museum admission fee upon arrival. Please meet in the Calderwood Courtyard, in front of the digital screens between the shop and the admissions desk. Please see the museum's visit page to learn about the museum's general policies for visiting.


32 Quincy Street, Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA, USA

Harvard Square

Date & Time

  • Sun Nov 20, 2022

    • 5:30pm - 6:00pm


  • Historical
  • Museums / Attractions
  • Visual Art