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Annual Henri Zerner Lecture: Imprints and Erasures—A New Story of Art

Annual Henri Zerner Lecture: Imprints and Erasures—A New Story of Art

In countless ways, women have been erased from the history of art. Their exhibited works have been falsely attributed to their male peers; their once-collected paintings have been left to deteriorate in museum storerooms; and many art historical accounts have questioned women’s very ability to create “great” art. The gradual removal of women’s names from the historical record can be traced to moments of deliberate, posthumous eradication. However, a growing mountain of evidence demands recognition that women artists may have always existed—and were often quite prominent in their own places and times.

In this lecture on Tuesday, Apr. 23, art historian Paris A. Spies-Gans will share this troubling history and present a series of recent discoveries that challenge the powerful, gendered assumptions that continue to inflect society's views of the past. By recovering the traces of women artists—the imprints they left behind—essential parts of art history’s most enduring narratives can be updated. The lecture will take place in Menschel Hall in the Lower Level. Doors to the hall will open for seating at 6pm. Limited complimentary parking is available in the Broadway Garage at 7 Felton Street.


32 Quincy Street, Cambridge MA 02138

Harvard Square

Date & Time

  • Tue Apr 23, 2024-Wed Apr 24, 2024

    • 10:30pm - 12:00am


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