Joël Tettamanti: Compass Points

Joël Tettamanti's photographs are a vast archive of the structures, villages and cities that people create and inhabit, and the landforms and climates that shape their culture. Although his photographs are often unpeopled, the focus of his work is the human presence in the landscape and the people who are uplifted and sometimes defeated by the land they inhabit. This contradiction of human frailty and resilience, and the continuities people form with the land, are embedded in Tettamanti's photographic vision.

Joël Tettamanti was born in 1977 in Efok/Cameroon and is a graduate of ECAL, Lausanne. Based in Zurich and Lausanne, he has worked from Asia to the Arctic Circle on assignment for magazines and commercial clients such as Wallpaper, Victorinox, Clariant, and Gigon Guyer. His work has been the subject of three monographs and numerous exhibitions in Europe. This is his first major solo exhibition in the United States.

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